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The art of psychotherapy provides healing, but also comfort and delight.


David pulls from several different therapeutic models, tailoring sessions to fit each individual. Steering away from diagnoses and labels, sessions focus on removing the barriers to authentic life expression. He wishes for the natural, full-bodied expression of who you truly are. 

Approach & Philosophy

There is nothing wrong with people at their core. Our natural, true self is a blessing to express and enjoy. But there are many things in life that can distort this natural expression. Relationships, family, work, and health can all pull us out of touch with this true version of ourselves. When this happens, we can make conclusions about life that are off-key, keeping us far away from our own happiness. These conclusions drive our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, altering the very direction of our lives. Whole approaches to living life can simply become incorrect. But there is nothing wrong at the core. Once we are reconnected with straight vision, our true selves can click back into place, restoring the balance and harmony that is natural to life. Reconnecting others with this straight vision is the passion behind David's therapy. 


"Direct, authentic counsel that can be

immediately applied to your life"


Good therapy is easy to spot. It reveals ideas that our true self simply agrees with. It is like hearing something that we have actually known all along, calming our nerves and putting us in an open state for new possibilities. Good therapy unlocks new paradigms that brings you into healthier living. Put simply, good therapy works.


Instead of relying on a single therapeutic modality, David uses an integrative approach, allowing him to find the most effective way forward for you. His sessions often have strong direction, and get right to work with the themes that need addressing. Unlike other therapists, he takes an active role in describing his view of your concerns. You will be hearing his direct opinion and viewpoints, not just your own words echoed back to you. Each session will provide a direction, insight, or experience that the client can put to immediate use. 

Areas of Practice

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Behaviors, thoughts, or emotions  are chaotic, burdened, or numb.


Life feels directionless.


Life stresses are preventing

peace and wellness.

Important relationships are stressed and filled with friction.

Conflict is disrupting your natural enjoyment of life.



Being calm and relaxed allows for a better communication and  minimizes distractions.  During the session, remain open to exploring different themes. Although there may be a single chief concern, the keys to unlocking your circumstance may be found in unlikely places. The best attitude to have is one that is hopeful and flexible, leading with your heart.


Consultation | Free

An introductory call to become acquainted, ask questions, and see where a full session may go.

Single Session | $90

A single psychotherapy session offers direct insights which can be put to use immediately, and can often provide change for several weeks.

4 Sessions | $285

A series of four sessions, one per week, for a deeper session experience and the opportunity to explore additional themes. 

Ongoing Sessions | Inquire

Ongoing counsel that firmly establishes health and wellness, allowing the highest expression of your true nature.  

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David L. Nak,


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David began his education in Biology and Western Medicine. He received his Bachelors in Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and attended two years of medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. After departing from the path of being a medical doctor, he turned

his attention towards psychotherapy and earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

David was introduced to Shamanism in 2008, and has since become a certified Shamanic practitioner through AncientWays school of Shamanism. With a deep confidence in the Helpers, he is dedicated to bringing Shamanic work to everyone that can stand to benefit. His greatest joy is being a servant to the people, and this remains the foundation for all his endeavors. 

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