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About Shamanic Journeys

The Shamanic Journey is a key focus of shamanism, much like prayer is to Judaism and meditation is to Buddhism. Shamanic Journeying enhances our connection to Living Spirit as well as the sacred energies of Earth. It's also a clear avenue for direct connection with our Spirit Helpers who are ambassadors of Living Spirit. Our Helpers honor the Living Spirit by helping us walk the Earth in our highest way.


Journeying is a healing and supportive experience. Each time we Journey we recognize more deeply that we are part of the Whole of Life. And we recognize that healing, wisdom, guidance and support are always available to us.


There are three phases to the Journeying process:


Releasing: Letting go the details of life and resting the mind

Receiving: Accepting nourishment from the spirit world for personal renewal

Reconnecting: Union with the spiritual realm for healing, wisdom, and growth


Our Helpers - ambassadors of Living Spirit - offer us a deep understanding that in itself is healing. Sometimes the most helpful experience within the Journey is to simply bask in the care of our Helpers. This is the first process of Journeying -  to allow ourselves be supported, cared for, and encouraged by our Helpers. It's from here that we're able to move into the deeper places of receiving Wisdom.


There are many ways to connect with the spiritual world (prayer, meditation, retreats, etc). Journeying is a very warm, wholesome, caring way to nurture our souls. This isn't a form of  "treatment." It's an important experience of nurturing the spirit. We receive an inner peacefulness through opening ourselves from the heart to Spirit.


A Shamanic Journey is a surrender and almost a prayer itself. It's knowing that there are spiritual beings in the service of Living Spirit that are there for us (Living Spirit works through the Helpers - it's all Spirit.) 


Journeying is like a mini-vision quest. This is a sacred time of turning from ordinary life to the spiritual realm for healing and support. A time to listen and grow and heal. And it's approached as a sacred event rather than a mysterious, mystical, metaphysical adventure.


Your Journeys usually focus on becoming acquainted with your Spirit Helpers. They have volunteered to assist you on your lifewalk, and their task is much easier when you're aware of their presence and can interact with them.


The care and wisdom of Living Spirit is made more accessible through the character, support, presence, and understanding of your Helpers.


Note that not all disembodied spirits are Spirit Helpers. We invite the presence of those who are emissaries of the Highest Light, and we Journey for the purpose of wisdom, guidance, and healing.  Exploring energies and energetic realms for the sake of adventuring carries some hazards, so we direct our focus towards true Spirit Helpers and the kinds of spiritual experiences that point to the Highest Light.


Facilitated Journeys


This is when a trained Facilitator assists you in Journeying by providing skilled energetic and spiritual support. You speak your experience aloud so the facilitator can assist you well. Seasoned facilitation provides a strong container that provides for a deeper, richer, and more profound Journey experience than is usually possible alone. More


Solo or Personal Journey


Extensive practice is usually needed to become skilled in solo Journeying.  To help you, we will be offering a drumming CD and booklet especially for solo Journeying. The ceremonial preparation by Chris Davidson leads you into an appropriate emotional, mental, and spiritual climate to help you receive the highest assistance. Her voice has the supportive energy of one who has traveled deep spiritual paths for many years. Cost will be $15.00 including shipping and handling. Please email for more information.


Journeying Companions


Occasionally a person who is Journeying desires the energetic support of a companion. The companion holds sacred space, provides drumming, and takes notes. The companion is not trained in formal Journey facilitation, but does provide presence and support. Journeying companions often take turns supporting each other.


Shared Journeys


This is when two people enter Journey space together, sometimes with the help of a facilitator. Romantic partners, family members, or warm friends will Journey together in this way with the intention of having a shared-vision experience.


Sacred Vision


This is the most profound experience of Shamanic Journeying. An individual sets aside a personal day for a deep, life-changing encounter with the spiritual realm. The morning is spent in spiritual focus, away from the demands of ordinary life. The Journeyer then meets with a skilled facilitator for an extensive Journey. The Journey experience is followed by a private time of integration and honoring.  With proper preparation, this form of Journeying is a transforming experience similar to formal vision quests and ceremony.


Shamanic Healing Session


A shamanic healing session is when a seasoned practitioner Journeys into the spiritual realm on your behalf. With the guidance of the spiritual Helpers, the Journeyer may be guided to providing Soul Retrieval, Wisdom Guidance, or a combination of these and other forms of assistance.

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