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About Soul Retrieval

Trauma, loneliness, the loss of a partner, the death of a loved one...these and many other life experiences can cause the soul to fragment. Parts of our energy can  "check out" in order to survive these distressing experiences, and we become less engaged in life. We can find ourselves being constantly fatigued and not "all here." Signs of soul loss can include fuzzy memories, depression, dissociation, and even codependent tendencies. 


In Soul Retrieval, the spiritual Helpers guide David Nak in finding and returning your lost soul parts. You'll usually recognize your lost Life Essences and discover why they left. A sense of wholeness and authenticity is regained when these essences are re-integrated. Soul Retrieval is one of most profound healing experiences we can have.


In this style of Soul Retrieval, David Nak connects with your heart energy and also the Spirit Helpers. She speaks aloud as the experience unfolds so you have the opportunity to embrace and integrate your Life Essences as they are engaged.


The experience of Soul Retrieval is more than a technique. It is a sacred event. Many layers are woven within the experience and will impact your well being for years to come. 


After you experience a Soul Retrieval, remember to care for your Soul Parts by embracing them within your mind and heart. Love and acceptance is an important part of integration. You'll notice yourself acting differently in the months to come. Accept and honor the gifts this brings. 


Soul Retrieval brings you closer to your most genuine, authentic self. Feelings can also return which may be uncomfortable at first. As you honor them you'll you experience a smooth integration.


Things must be “right”  before engaging this kind of Shamanic Journey. These sessions are scheduled at a time when you can be free from distractions and fatigue. If possible it's best for you to use a telephone headset (speaker phones aren't suitable).


Most people feel a heightened vibrancy and sensitivity following Soul Retrieval. 


Often we need more than one Soul Retrieval to recover all the essences that have withdrawn from our physical experience of life. If you feel the need to eventually arrange for another Soul Retrieval, this would not be unusual.


You are probably living within a social climate that doesn't value these types of experiences. So your honoring of the Soul Parts and your warm, inner welcome of change are profoundly important. It's also helpful to have a Boundary Restoration Journey before or soon after Soul Retrieval. One's personal strength is needed to maintain your authenticity in the face of expectations, demands of others, and sheer habit, so that your returned Life Essence can be appropriately honored and expressed in your life.

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