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About Wisdom Journeys

For clarity about life purpose, relationships, parenting, and many other issues you may wish for David Nak to Journey to the Spirit Helpers on your behalf. Spirit Helpers offer insight and clarity. They understand your circumstances thoroughly and offer no-nonsense insight into your issues. They'll help you grasp core dynamics and recommend changes on a foundational level.  


Spirit Wisdom is sacred. Layers of insight are woven within the experience, and can provide a compass for many years to come.  You can read more about Wisdom themes such as Life Path, Relationship Issues, Parenting, etc. below.


The approach, language, and perspective presented during this Journey is individually tailored for you. No phrase is chosen lightly. This is mature spiritual support to provide you with the tools needed for making wise decisions. An entire range of elements are woven together into a cohesive picture for you, highlighting issues you're overlooking, complimenting you when appropriate, and recommending change where helpful.


The Helpers gently nudge you to broaden your perspective and invite you to appreciate the hidden value within your difficulties. They don't tell us “what to do," which is why their assistance is referred to as Wisdom Teachings. Their intent is to assist us in our growth and help us walk in balance. They consider it our task, not theirs, to make our choices in the light of Wisdom.


Things must be “right”  before engaging this kind of Shamanic Journey. These sessions are scheduled at a time when you can be free from distractions and fatigue. If possible it's best for you to use a quality telephone headset (speaker phones and ear buds without a microphone aren't suitable).


The Journey session is at least an hour, often longer. David Nak prepares in a sacred way to be a pure and clean instrument for this work. It seems that the Spirit Helpers have access to insight due to their standing in the eternal place of Wisdom. However, they will gently refuse fortune-telling (or "crystal ball") type of requests, instead supporting us in walking our highest path. 


David Nak's spiritual vision connects with the Helpers who then guide the experience on your behalf. David speaks aloud, sharing the interaction with you. You may ask questions, but it's usually best to wait until after the Helpers have shared first. This Journey is distance by telephone. A digital recording is made so you can be fully present during the session rather than preoccupied with note taking (detailed notes can be taken from the recording later).


For more information, please email, or call (720) 744-2802. Cost is $100. We'll have an initial conversation to allow a gentle connection, and also for you to share some of your concerns. You may share as many or as few details as you like.


Here are some examples of Wisdom Journey themes:


Guidance Seekers  

Vocational Decisions / Mending the Broken Heart / Feeling Stuck


If you're facing a dilemma or feeling unclear about important life decisions, through the support of Living Spirit the Spirit Helpers guide you into a stronger awareness of how to best proceed along your life’s path. They already understand you, and they know what you need to confidently move forward. This is an in-depth clarification of your specific life issues, along with perspective on how to best proceed with your process.


Parenting Questions  

Talents / Puzzling Behaviors / Emotional Make-up


For wisdom in parenting, the Spirit Helpers offer unparalleled insight. They already are familiar with each member of your family. And through the support of Living Spirit, they guide you into a stronger awareness of how best to parent each of your children. They offer wisdom and insight into your childrens' temperaments, needs and struggles. This is an in-depth exploration of parent/child issues, including a strong focus on improving your own role within the relationship dynamics. 


Relationship Clarity  

Relationship with Partner / Parents / Supervisor


For honest answers about relationship issues, the Spirit Helpers offer assistance with warm compassion and deep wisdom. Be prepared for no-nonsense answers. This is an an in-depth exploration of interpersonal dynamics, specifically focusing on improving your own role within the relationship. 

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