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Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship has been crafted by David Nak together with her Spirit Helpers to be a powerful framework for personal transformation and spiritual growth.


These Journeys are deeply transformative and are best experienced with the support of a seasoned facilitator. The comprehensive year-long Shamanic Spiritual Training offers in-depth spiritual growth. For those who choose the full program, sessions are by telephone 2 times monthly. Cost is $2,160 for the year-long program. 

Boundary Restoration/Personal Strength

Personal strength is the important ability to be authentic in the face of pressures, parental expectations, and cultural programming. Most of us have experienced a muddying of our authentic selves and a thinning of our personal boundaries that protect our natural way of being. Sometimes this is in return for  acceptance, and sometimes even emotional survival (especially when young). Whether the loss is severe or minor, Boundary Restoration is an important foundation for subsequent healing work. This helps you reclaim healthy personal boundaries and gives you the strength to honor and express your authentic self.


Mending the Heart

The experience of loss through rejection, disappointment, or death of a loved one carries a range of important emotional elements that need healing. This Journey helps heal the memories and the heart and reinvigorates your spirit.


Deep Bonding with Spirit

This is an invitation for deep connection and bonding with Spirit. It is usually done after we've spent time in focused spiritual preparation. Preparation usually includes acknowledgement of personal need, relinquishment of any ego, and a heartful invitation to embrace the Sacred.


Life Review

It's a powerful experience to see our lives viewed with the perspective of the spiritual world. Things that we feel badly about are often quite unimportant. Things that we haven't seen as valuable turn out to be the most important. This Journey allows us to see our lives with balance and perspective, and to embrace the pattern of care that has woven its way within our experiences. This Journey is recommended for everyone looking for personal peace.


Balancing of Aspects

We can get out of balance by emphasizing aspects of ourselves that we believe are more important than others. It's especially indicated when the physical body has a marked differentiation between strong and weaker sides (left/right, upper/lower). The focus that seems most valuable in our culture is the balancing of feminine and masculine aspects, since we are often trained to disregard one in favor of whichever seems more powerful to us. This creates a skewed experience of life and an imbalanced expression of who we really are.


Purification and Pardon

Most of us have past actions and questionable conduct that have tainted our souls. As this is acknowledged and released, subconscious guilt no longer hinders our joyful forward movement in life.


Embracing Your Higher Self

Our Higher Self is closely bonded with Living Spirit, longing for deeper daily engagement. When integrated, our lives become imbued with the beauty of the sacred.


Dismemberment and Remember-ment

This Journey invites our Helpers to dismantle our surface artificial self and replace it with authenticity. We are "dis-membered" in order to be "re-membered" into our true way of being.


Sexual Recovery

Sexual experiences carry a deep impact on our soul and psyche. Many of these experiences (especially when younger) include elements that are confusing and/or unhealthy. We often carry the imprint of a former sexual partner that needs clearing. A Sexual Recovery Journey addresses the energetic elements involved in past physical relationships. This helps heal and restore our emotional framework, and also addresses the power or soul loss that can be a component of sexual interactions.


Physical Wellness

We all have issues that influence our physical health, from past traumas to present difficulties. In this Journey, one receives guidance and assistance on removing obstacles that interfere with optimum physical health.

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