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Shamanic sessions deliver healings, messages, guidance and visions from the spiritual realm by way of a Shamanic Journey. From the outside, it looks very similar to a traditional counseling session; it involves two people talking. The difference is that Shamanism uses insight from Spiritual Helpers to help craft the content of a session. As the practitioner, it is David's role to share with you what the Spirit Helpers are presenting during a session. This approach increases the effectiveness of traditional talk-therapy, sometime by a matter of years. 

In his practice, David works only with ambassadors of the Creator who are fully dedicated to your well-being. It is common for Spirit Helpers to provide direct healing, transformation and direction with regard to the many choices and difficulties we face.  This can take the form of Soul Retrieval, Wisdom Sessions, Intensives, or Spiritual Mentorship

Adding to David Nak's Shamanic certification is a masters degree in counseling and therapy. The Helpers often use his academic background to further enhance the quality and content of his sessions. With this combination of credentials, you can trust you are receiving the most reliable Shamanic work available.


With a Masters degree in counseling and therapy, David Nak brings a professional background to his Shamanic work. Sessions provide clarity, direction, and healing on a variety of subjects. Clients walk away with something that they did not have before, lighting the best way forward on their path.

What is Shamanic Therapy?


Free Course

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7 Week Course on Shamanism

Learn more about David Nak's Shamanic practice by signing up for his free 7 week course. Each week will cover a new topic, covering several fundamentals of this work. 

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David Nak, MS MFT

About Spirit Helpers

The Highest Light - Living Spirit - Creator - Source - God - has provided us with much assistance. These are Earth energies, Celestials, Wisdom Elders, Angelica, Power Spirit Animals, and others who honor the Living Spirit by helping us on our earthwalk.

Shamanism recognizes the healing support of these Ambassadors of Living Spirit and welcomes their assistance.

One of the clearest avenues for receiving wisdom, support, and healing from the Spirit Helpers is through the Shamanic Journey.

When we Journey, our first goal is to build a warm connection with our personal Spirit Helper. She or he will guide you through your Journeying process safely and will craft your experience in a way that gives you the best possible assistance.


Your personal Helper knows you very well and has most likely been with you since birth. You can think of him or her in a similar way as many tend to think of a Guardian Angel.


The Spirit Helpers' understanding of you is complete. They know what you most need, and how to best help you walk on the earth. They're aware of your gifts and reason for being here. And they offer skilled assistance to support you in moving forward clearly on your path.


Our Helpers always point to the Highest Light, with the goal of supporting us in our highest connection with Spirit. They provide clarity, wisdom and healing so we can move forward in life in the best possible way.


When you have an ongoing connection with your Helpers you'll be able to receive lifelong guidance, healing, support, and great wisdom. You'll have the ability to navigate with clear perspective and fulfill your highest destiny. And you'll find your spirit soaring as you walk the Earth with balance and clarity.

About Spirit Helpers

Journey Themes

(This list only serves as a guide; topics and themes are not limited) 

Boundary Restoration/Personal Strength

Personal strength is the important ability to be authentic in the face of pressures, parental expectations, and cultural programming. Most of us have experienced a muddying of our authentic selves and a thinning of our personal boundaries that protect our natural way of being. Sometimes this is in return for  acceptance, and sometimes even emotional survival (especially when young). Whether the loss is severe or minor, Boundary Restoration is an important foundation for subsequent healing work. This helps you reclaim healthy personal boundaries and gives you the strength to honor and express your authentic self.


Mending the Heart

The experience of loss through rejection, disappointment, or death of a loved one carries a range of important emotional elements that need healing. This Journey helps heal the memories and the heart and reinvigorates your spirit.


Deep Bonding with Spirit

This is an invitation for deep connection and bonding with Spirit. It is usually done after we've spent time in focused spiritual preparation. Preparation usually includes acknowledgement of personal need, relinquishment of any ego, and a heartful invitation to embrace the Sacred.


Life Review

It's a powerful experience to see our lives viewed with the perspective of the spiritual world. Things that we feel badly about are often quite unimportant. Things that we haven't seen as valuable turn out to be the most important. This Journey allows us to see our lives with balance and perspective, and to embrace the pattern of care that has woven its way within our experiences. This Journey is recommended for everyone looking for personal peace.


Balancing of Aspects

We can get out of balance by emphasizing aspects of ourselves that we believe are more important than others. It's especially indicated when the physical body has a marked differentiation between strong and weaker sides (left/right, upper/lower). The focus that seems most valuable in our culture is the balancing of feminine and masculine aspects, since we are often trained to disregard one in favor of whichever seems more powerful to us. This creates a skewed experience of life and an imbalanced expression of who we really are.


Purification and Pardon

Most of us have past actions and questionable conduct that have tainted our souls. As this is acknowledged and released, subconscious guilt no longer hinders our joyful forward movement in life.


Embracing Your Higher Self

Our Higher Self is closely bonded with Living Spirit, longing for deeper daily engagement. When integrated, our lives become imbued with the beauty of the sacred.


Dismemberment and Remember-ment

This Journey invites our Helpers to dismantle our surface artificial self and replace it with authenticity. We are "dis-membered" in order to be "re-membered" into our true way of being.


Sexual Recovery

Sexual experiences carry a deep impact on our soul and psyche. Many of these experiences (especially when younger) include elements that are confusing and/or unhealthy. We often carry the imprint of a former sexual partner that needs clearing. A Sexual Recovery Journey addresses the energetic elements involved in past physical relationships. This helps heal and restore our emotional framework, and also addresses the power or soul loss that can be a component of sexual interactions.


Physical Wellness

We all have issues that influence our physical health, from past traumas to present difficulties. In this Journey, one receives guidance and assistance on removing obstacles that interfere with optimum physical health.

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Shamanic services are offered by telephone. There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance shamanic sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of the physical. It is important to have privacy for your session and to schedule at least 15 minutes to relax and prepare. A time for integration afterward is also important. A quality telephone headset is a very good idea but not crucial for single sessions or short series. Please note that ear buds (without mouth microphone) as well as speaker telephones do not carry the energetic qualities needed for this work. For the session, have a comfortable chair or mat, in a place you will not be disturbed. 


During sessions, remain open to what the Helpers wish to share. Although we may have certain questions, the Helpers may want to address it from an angle we had not considered. Although there may be a single main concern, the keys to unlocking your circumstance may be found in unlikely places. The best attitude to have is one that is sincere and flexible, leading with your heart.

Consultation | Free

An introductory call to become acquainted, ask questions, and see where a full session may go.

Single Session | $90

A single session providing clarity, healing, and direction. The wisdom shared in a single session can lay the groundwork for months of growth ahead.

4 Session Intensive | $285

A series of four sessions, one per week, for the Helpers to address concerns at a deeper level, and give them time to address multiple themes. 

Ongoing Sessions | Inquire

Closely guided Spiritual Mentorship over an extended period which allows for the greatest great spiritual growth and walking out your highest path. 




Change Old Ideas & Increase Joy

In this Shamanic journey, the Helpers encourage the changing of perspectives, admitting we are wrong, and why that process is healthy and attractive.


A Conversation on Shamanism

A broad overview of Shamanism, and what people should look for when approaching this work. 


Stress & Anxiety

A Shamanic journey discussing stress, its dangers, and how to restore your sense of peace. 

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David L. Nak,


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David began his education in Biology and Western Medicine. He received his Bachelors in Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and attended two years of medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. After departing from the path of being a medical doctor, he turned

his attention towards psychotherapy and earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

David was introduced to Shamanism in 2008, and has since become a Certified Shamanic Practitioner through AncientWays School of Shamanism. With a deep confidence in the Helpers, he is dedicated to bringing Shamanic work to everyone that can stand to benefit. His greatest joy is being a servant to the people, and this remains the foundation for all his endeavors. 

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