With a Masters degree in Counseing and Therapy, David brings a professional background to his Shamanic work. Sessions provide clarity, direction, and healing on a variety of subjects. Clients walk away with something that they did not have before, lighting the best way forward on their path.

What is Shamanic Therapy?

Shamanic sessions involve delivering messages, clarification, guidance and visions from the spiritual realm. From the outside, it looks very similar to a traditional counseling session; it involves two people talking. The difference is that Shamanism uses insight from spiritual beings to help craft the content of a session. In his practice, David works only with the Helpers, ambassadors of the Creator who are fully dedicated to your well-being. It is common for the Helpers to provide clarity and direction with regard to the many choices and difficulties we face.  This can take the form of suggestions, recommendations, direct guidance, visions, or other information that will help you decide your next steps. This is the foundation of Shamanic Therapy.

"Direct guidance that provides the

right insight, at the right time"

Adding to David's Shamanic certification is a masters degree in counseling and therapy. The Helpers often use David's academic background to further enhance the quality and content of his sessions. With this combination of credentials, you can trust that David is serious about giving you the most reliable shamanic work available.

Fog and Nature

What We Do






Break the power of dark side elements that are operating in your life, removing their influence.


Combine traditional counseling with guidance and

wisdom shared by the Helpers.

Receive visions, clarity, and guidance from the Helpers to better navigate a theme in your life.  

Mends parts of ourselves previously separated by trauma or stress. Restores wholeness and sense of self.


Free Course

7 Week Course on Shamanism

Sign up for our 7 week course on the practice of Shamanism. Each week will cover a new topic that delves into the important fundamentals of this work.

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  • The Nature of Spirit

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David Nak, MS MFT

Looking forward to having you! 

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Being calm and relaxed allows for a better connection with Spirit and makes sessions the most beneficial. Without being relaxed, it becomes difficult for the Helpers to engage and share with us. To do this, it's recommended to take at least 15 minutes before the session to put everything aside. For the session, choose a place where you can sit or lie down comfortably, undisturbed. 

During the session, remain open to what the Helpers wish to share. Although we may have certain questions, the Helpers may want to address it from an angle we had not considered. Although there may be a single main concern, the keys to unlocking your circumstance may be found in unlikely places. The best attitude to have is one that is hopeful and flexible, leading with your heart.

Consultation | Free

An introductory call to become acquainted, ask questions, and see where a full session may go.

Single Session | $100

A single session providing clarity, healing, and direction. The wisdom shared in a single session can lay the groundwork for months of growth ahead.

4 Sessions | $280

A series of four sessions, one per week, for a deeper and more complete description of all that the Helpers would like to share with you.

Extended Series | $900

Six months of sessions, three times per month for continued growth.




Change Old Ideas & Increase Joy

In this Shamanic journey, the Helpers encourage the changing of perspectives, admitting we are wrong, and why that process is healthy and attractive.


A Conversation on Shamanism

A broad overview of Shamanism, and what people should look for when approaching this work. 


Stress & Anxiety

A Shamanic journey discussing stress, its dangers, and how to restore your sense of peace. 

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David L. Nak,


David began his education in Biology and Western Medicine. He received his Bachelors in Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and attended two years of medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. After departing from the path of being a medical doctor, he turned

his attention towards psychotherapy and earned a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

David was introduced to Shamanism in 2008, and has since become a certified Shamanic practitioner through AncientWays school of Shamanism. With a deep confidence in the Helpers, he is dedicated to bringing Shamanic work to everyone that can stand to benefit. His greatest joy is being a servant to the people, and this remains the foundation for all his endeavors.